Take Your Honeymoon Home With You!

LaderaLadera Resort in Saint Lucia offers spectacular views of the Piton Mountains over 1000 feet above the Caribbean Sea and boasts over 30 stunning suites and villas, each with private plunge pool and an open wall on one side to enjoy the surroundings.

The resort has been a popular honeymoon resort for two decades, but with the market becoming ever more competitive, the Ladera has come up with an ingenious and creative way to attract newlyweds – by launching an initiative inviting all honeymooners to customise their own honeymoon suite furniture and then ship it home on departure!

ladera_resort_poolIt may sound a little whacky, but there is a practical side, with many new couples moving into new or larger homes after they marry, it is the perfect opportunity to kit it out with stunning furniture, with the added benefit of bringing their memories home with them.

The resort features an onsite team of local artisans who hand carve the furniture to couples’ specifications in local woods such as mahogany and cedar. A four-poster bed will set you back just over £3000 plus shipping, with the range extending to a full master

bedroom set with dresser and chairs, and even continues to the bathroom to include vanities, mirrors and even the sink!ladera_1

From a sentimentality and romance perspective it is certainly an amazing keepsake and lasts long after the honeymoon is over.

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