Q&A with Yannick Alléno from STAY at One&Only the Palm Dubai

Yannick Alleno, founder of STAY at One&Only The Palm

Ahead of hosting two exclusive evenings at STAY by Yannick Alléno, we caught up with the gastronomic genius behind this 5* restaurant located at Dubai’s iconic One&Only The Palm Dubai.

Alléno is the 3 Michelin Star French chef who has revolutionized cooking since he first entered the kitchen at the tender age of just 15 years old – and since then he has taken the culinary world by storm with the success of two award-winning restaurants.

We caught up with him in the kitchen today whilst preparing for the final night of his ‘Legend Dinner with Yannick’ dining experience, and got to put to him a few quick questions we’ve been dying to ask…


What is your personal recommendation on the STAY menu and why?

Milk-fed lamb, made of spiced milk, semolina with condiments and crispy milk. I love it because it’s creative and has a sense of place in Dubai.


Three Michelin Stars is an impressive achievement. What advice would you give aspiring chefs?

Work hard and be curious and creative. 


Name three ingredients you couldn’t live without.

Nutmeg, celery and eggs. 


How has travel inspired your cooking?

Everywhere is an inspiration. Like One&Only The Palm’s setting – palatial, full of energy and innovation and eager to provide unique moments to its guests every time. That is what inspires me…


Are there any cooking rules you love to break?

Yes and I did. I reintroduced sauces “extraction” with a “Food&Extractions Pairing” at STAY that revolutionized the French cuisine. It’s one of the reasons I have continued to acquire 3 Michelin Stars.


Who is the person you’d most like to cook for?

My next guest. I only live for their satisfaction and they are who I wish to cook for.


What would be your last supper? 

My grandmother’s Chicken in a Bottle recipe!


If you weren’t a chef, what would you do?

Be a CHEF!


What inspired you to choose the name STAY?

As it resonate my philosophy as well as One&Only the Palm: Stay with us and return, don’t ever leave.


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