QUIZ: Which Destination Should You Travel to Next?

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Struggling to decide where to travel to next? With all the hundreds of possibilities out there, we know how difficult it can be to pick where to go on holiday – so we’ve put together a quiz that we hope will make the choice that little bit easier. Simply answer our 10 easy questions and we’ll match your travel style to the destination we think you’ll enjoy most. Go on, get quizzing…


1. When picking a holiday, you’re most likely to book…

A) Hotel only

B) All-Inclusive please

C) The best deal available

D) Half Board

E) Bed & Breakfast


2. The purpose of my holiday is to…

A) Experience a new city for the first time

B) Get away from it all

C) Discover new people and places

D) Relax and recuperate

E) Make memories


3. Your perfect holiday would be spent…

A) Discovering the sights of a new city

B) On the beach, cocktail in hand

C) Hiking through the jungle

D) Relaxing beside the pool

E) Discovering new and exciting wildlife


4. My ideal accommodation would be…

A) A stylish city hotel

B) A luxurious water villa

C) A hidden hideaway in the forest

D) A cosy hotel room on the beach

E) A luxury tented lodge


5. Lying in bed, my favourite view would be a view of…

A) The city lights at night

B) The ocean

C) A beautiful garden

D) A tropical beach

E) The twinkling stars


6. What footwear describes you best?

A) High heels or square toes

B) Sandals

C) Hiking boots

D) Barefoot

E) Decent walking shoes


7. My favourite holiday activity is…

A) Shopping

B) Snorkelling

C) Hiking

D) Suntanning

E) Wildlife watching


8. Who do you want to travel with?

A) A colleague

B) My partner

C) My friend(s)

D) My family

E) A group


9. My ideal holiday dinner would be…

A) Pizza or burgers

B) Seafood

C) Trying the local cuisine

D) Spicy jerk chicken

E) Plenty of meat


10. Pick your favourite cocktail

A) Cosmopolitan

B) Pina Colada

C) Singapore Sling

D) Rum punch

E) Amarula or Kahlua on ice



USA Holidays - New York

It’s time for a city break. You enjoy the little luxuries of the world and falling asleep in a fancy hotel room right in the middle of the action is high on your list of priorities.  Why not visit New York City and spend a few days discovering the famous landmarks of the “City That Never Sleeps” or do a little retail therapy on Fifth Avenue shopping street? Visit Las Vegas to experience the thrill and excitement of 24/7 entertainment or immerse yourself in the glitz and glamour of Los Angeles’ Hollywood Walk of Fame.



MOSTLY B: The Indian Ocean

Indian Ocean Holidays - Milaidhoo Maldives

You’re looking to spend the next holiday on the beach taking full advantage of the unlimited cocktails included in your All-Inclusive plan. And luckily, our luxurious islands in the Indian Ocean offer just that. Discover the peace and quiet of these off-the-grid islets – where some offer the added allure of a completely private island escape! Discover the romance of the Maldives, home to spectacular diving sites, relax on the beaches of the Seychelles home to nesting turtles, and enjoy fantastic seafood with cocktails on tap in Mauritius.




Visit Asia

You enjoy luxury as much as the next person but you’re also not afraid to get your hands dirty. Your next holiday is all about the adventure. And Asia adventures we have aplenty. Why not hike through the jungle and spot Orangutans in Borneo, trek through the hills to stay overnight with a local hill tribe in Vietnam, taste your way through all of the exotic street food in Thailand or discover the incredible culture and beautiful temples in Cambodia? The opportunities are endless.



MOSTLY D: The Caribbean

Caribbean Holidays - Saint Lucia

Life is busy and you can’t think of a better way to escape than with a care-free holiday spent on the beach. And when it comes to lazy beach breaks, the Caribbean does it best – where warm waters and golden sands await. Plus, there’s plenty of spicy food and rum punch on the menu! Visit the Caribbean’s most popular islands, Antigua and Barbados, which never disappoint, or get away from it all by staying on a quieter island like St Lucia, filled with lush greenery, coconut palms and friendly locals.



MOSTLY E: Africa

Africa Holidays - Lion Sands Treehouses

You believe holidays should be about making memories and you’d have no problem swapping fancy high-rise hotels for a more local experience. Luckily, our luxury tented camps in Africa offer the best of both worlds. Why not go game viewing on a thrilling safari holiday in South Africa and Tanzania or discover the unique star gazing opportunities of the Namib Desert, the world’s largest desert in Namibia?  Fall asleep at night to the sounds of the wild with nothing but the soft canvas of your tent between you and nature…The options for memory-making are endless!



Which holiday are you inspired to book next? Visit our website for more inspiration or chat to our travel experts today on 0203 733 0680!



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