13 Weird & Wacky Things to do in Thailand


Unusual restaurants, strange animal shaped structures, fiery rice liquor, and exotic street food. Thailand is chock-a-block with weird and wacky attractions and experiences to offer every travelling Tom, Dick and Harry. And with plenty of fantastic holiday deals on the horizon, you’ll have plenty of time to experience them all!


1. Get your feet nibbled on by fish


Sink your feet into a glass tank as dozens of tiny garra rufa fish nibble the dead skin from your feet. It’s a strange and tickling sensation, but if you ignore the medical disputes, it’s believed to be healing.


2. Hike with the hill tribes

Thailand hill tribes

Enjoy scenic hikes through the mountains and completely immerse yourself in the culture of the hill tribes. Cook with the locals, learn about medicinal plants, ride an elephant, float on bamboo rafts, and stay overnight in a typical village homestay. Spoiler alert: you may have to eat cooked tarantulas!


3. Visit the giant dragon temple

Dragon temple in Wat Samphran

A 17 storey tower at Wat Samphran has a giant dragon snaked leisurely around it. Spend some time exploring the gardens and discover all sorts of finds, such as statues of elephants, dolphins, rabbits and dragons. The dragon itself is reportedly hollow and visitors are able to walk some sections of it, while other parts of the temple remain closed to the public. Bangkok holiday deals.


4. Sample street meat

Street meat in Thailand

There’s no better way to experience Thai food than delving into the street food carts and trying some of the local delicacies. The usuals include pork neck, chicken livers or Thai sausage or you can be more daring and try curry squid tentacle, chicken gizzards, duck beaks, tadpoles, and bamboo rats.


5. Eat and drink out of a plastic bag

Plastic takeaway bags in Thailand

You’ll likely get your food and drink served to you in a plastic bag. Whether it’s Coca Cola or hot soup, it’ll be poured into a (convenient?) takeaway bag and secured with a rubber band. You can always ask for your hot food to be double bagged if you’re concerned.


6. See the Elephant Tower

Elephant Tower Wikipedia

The Elephant Tower in the Chatuchak District of Bangkok is made up of 3 towers that form the shape of an elephant – Thailand’s national animal. It is the largest elephant building in the world and houses a shopping mall, offices, and apartments. Bangkok holiday deals.


 7. Visit the Human Body Museum

Human Body Museum

The Human Body Museum has 14 dissected human bodies from Japan in the Faculty of Medicine at Chulalongkorn University. The bodies display different levels of dissection and expose various parts of the human body, such as the nervous system, networks of arteries, muscles, and bones. Bangkok holiday deals.


8. Visit a snake farm

Snake Farm in Bangkok by mkismkismk (Flickr)

Snake lovers will enjoy a visit to Bangkok Snake Farm where you can learn about anti-venin treatments, see over 35 species of snakes, and watch snake handling demonstrations at 11:00 on weekends and 14:30 during the week. Bangkok holiday deals. 


9. Dine at the world’s largest restaurant

Royal Dragon restaurant in Thailand

The Royal Dragon is allegedly the largest restaurant in the world, catering for as many as 5000 customers. There are more than 1000 members of staff who skoot foot around on roller skates and at the end of any given evening, there are as many as 25000 plates to wash. Entertainment includes Thai dancing, music and boxing shows. Bangkok holiday deals.


10. Visit an Amulet Market

Amulet Market

The Amulet Markets are not your normal market. Rather than food and souvenirs, you’ll be shopping primarily for good luck. Spend some time browsing the markets flaunting charms, talismans, and traditional medicine – each of which is believed to bring luck. Join the crowds each Sunday and watch potential buyers studying the amulets with magnifying glasses hoping to find one that will bring them good fortune.


 11Visit Cabbages and Condoms

Cabbages and Condoms

Cabbages and Condoms is a restaurant outreach program where “the food is guaranteed not to cause pregnancy”. The aim of the restaurant is to promote better understanding of family planning and push the idea that people should be comfortable buying condoms alongside everyday items such as cabbages. There is plenty of condom themed merchandise too, such as keyrings, mugs, and several life-sized mannequins made out of latex. Bangkok holiday deals.


12. Sip some Yadong

Lao Khao

Try the infamous Yadong (lao khao), a street liquor that is the Thai version of Moonshine. Made from rice wine and medicinal herbs, this fiery spirit comes in a glass jar or old whiskey bottle that you can sip on the streets – but be careful, it packs quite a punch!


 13. Stay in a treehouse


Spend the night in your very own treehouse tucked away in a forest at Keemala. The lodge has several rooms built in the shape of bird’s nests with private pools and sun terraces, all of which are connected by jungle walkways to the toffee apple shaped main lodge. Phuket holiday deals.


What other weird and wacky things do you recommend doing in Thailand? Check out our holiday specials in Thailand.


Author BioLauren Morling is a South African travel writer for the Best At Travel blog. Follow her adventures on Instagram and Twitter.

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