Travel Talk on Twitter: Supernatural Experiences

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This week’s #TTOT community posed one very interesting topic – supernatural travel experiences. Some people travel across the globe on the hunt for supernatural encounters, and some happen just by chance. From spooky experiences in unsuspecting hotels to quirky rituals that have been practiced since the dawn of time, this lot has seen it all.

Super and Natural
Most travellers don’t go looking for supernatural travel experiences intentionally; however @InspirngTrvlrs does admit that Area 51 is on their bucket list. This mysterious area in Nevada is shrouded by conspiracy theories with frequent sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO’s). Although this is most likely because it is was used as a military aircraft and weapons testing facility.

@IntrepidTravel quite rightly pointed out that the Northern Lights aren’t supernatural, but they are certainly a super phenomenon of the natural world, while @candeejaye also mentions that Halong Bay in Vietnam is both super and natural!

Spooky Sites & Customs
There are plenty of spooky sights around the globe, and it seems that the majority of these have historical significance. Top of the list were the Killing Fields in Cambodia, Malmaison Oxford – a prison turned into a hotel and Joelma building Sao Paulo–Brazil, which is allegedly haunted by victims of the fire in 1974.

Many travellers have experienced strange and spiritual customs around the world. @WorldDeTour tells of her experience in Cambodia where her hosts gave her a hatchet to put under her pillow to scare the spirits away! @Buffalo_Tours states that Vietnam take astronomy very seriously. Apparently if the birth years of a two people don’t match then they won’t get married! @InspirngTrvlrs says that in Bolivia they use lama fetus’ to protect themselves and in Santorini in Greece the locals won’t answer the door after one knock in case the Vrykolakas (vampires) are there to steal their souls! Finally @SamanthaKWilson states that in Tibeten Sky burials, pieces of dead bodies are offered to the vultures.

And on that note….it’s time to move on.

Is Paranormal Activity Overrated?

We’re not talking about the movie here (but some may say yes to the question posed above for that too!). What the community wanted to know is what are the most underrated and overrated paranormal destinations in the world. An astute point from @WorldDeTour in regards to whether supernatural destinations are overrated or underrated – surely any destination that is deemed to be supernatural is by definition overrated! @ExpBackpacking eagerly anticipated their journey to the vaults in Edinburgh, but sadly this lacked any spookiness. @IntrepidTravel enjoyed Alcatraz Island in San Francisco, although they mainly liked this tour of the spooky prison because they liked pretending to be Clint Eastwood in the classic film Escape from Alcatraz. But the strangest and most spooky of all was from @amandakendle who stayed at Wolfschnanze, which was Hitler’s HQ in Poland. She told us that it was more scary to walk around before the tourists arrived, which is no surprise really, not somewhere you would want to be on your own for some reflection is it!?

Have you experienced anything out of the extra ordinary or supernatural on holiday?

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