Travel Talk on Twitter: Spontaneous getaways

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Sometimes the best journeys are the ones you don’t plan for. Throwing caution to the wind and heading out on an impromptu holiday can lead to some amazing travel experiences, but a little bit of forward planning never goes amiss, even for the most spontaneous of adventures! This is what the TTOT community discussed this week. Dive into our highlights from the chat, and don’t forget to tell us your own stories and opinions in the comments!

Planning vs. Spontaneity

Ding ding! The battle is on between these two diverse types of trip. It turns out – at least according to the Twittersphere – that they’re both excellent, but in different ways. The general consensus is that longer trips are better when planned, but short getaways can be more fun when decided on at the last minute. We at @BestatTravelUK pointed out the importance of the anticipation factor, something which spontaneous breaks simply can’t offer. @MyTripThisYear pointed out that while the trip can be planned, that’s no reason to hold back on being spontaneous once you reach your destination. Very wise!

Once a crazy last-minute dash has been agreed on, seizing the moment is often held back by an annoying lack of funds. Well, not if you, er…plan to be spontaneous. Sounds like a contradiction, but makes sense when you put it like @lethers: “Plan to be spontaneous by putting something aside regularly for when that spontaneous moment strikes.” Genius!

When Disaster Strikes

Unfortunately, it is possible to be so spontaneous that it comes back to bite you. What experiences did the TTOT community have to share in this territory? Well, there were several amusing responses, including tales of bed bugs and closed venues. The most hilarious tale came from Yorkshireman @rexyedventures, who explained how he “Went to work for 2 weeks on a hastily planned WWOOF placement. I found out it was a nudist resort. I had to work in the buff.” Yikes!

Better in Numbers?

This is an age-old question. Is it better to travel alone, or with a group of people? @katiemayors highlighted the appeal in getting a bit lost and leaving your everyday life behind completely, which can be tricky to do when you’re with people from home. @Hostelling agreed with this sentiment, pointing out that solo travel means getting to make all the decisions. Arguments for travelling with others? More fun to be had, and having someone there to carry your bags!

The Best Ever Spontaneous Trips

Tweeters shared their best ever off-the-cuff getaways, and we chose our top 3. The winners are…

Las Vegas (for a crazy long weekend)
The Caribbean (for some tranquillity)
Kenya (for some unique, giraffe-ridden accommodation)

Got a crazy getaway story to share? Or have we inspired you enough to book a ticket right now…?

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