Travel Talk on Twitter: The journey doesn’t begin until you get lost… Tips for first time travellers

Being a first time traveller can be overwhelming, exciting and educational all at the same time! There are many ways to discover the world – but if you could go back to your very first trip, is there anything you would do differently? Are there any tips you could give to first timers that will allow them to get the most out of their journey?

Lots of you took to #TTOT to voice your views on this topic, and the results were as revealing as ever…

Travel is what you make of it:
For those of you who have never left your home country, several experienced travellers tweeted that sticking to countries fairly similar to your own (in terms of language, food and culture) is the way to go. However, one brave adventurer stated that there’s nothing better than a good culture shock, claiming that ‘in at the deep end is best!’ Kudos to you, @Frances_M_B

Off the beaten track:
Travellers agreed that visiting popular landmarks and hotspots is important, as they are indeed famous for a reason. However, seeing locations through the eyes of a local comes highly recommended. @Hostelling advise that you “Grab a local expert, ditch the guide books and let them show you the country’s secrets. It will feel special and unique to you.” Don’t let nervousness get in the way either: as @LadiesWhat pointed out, the best memories are often generated from the times you do something a little different. 

Face the fear:
Heading to the station or airport with your backpack secured and passport in hand needn’t be such a daunting experience with the following tips:
– Ask friends for general advice based on their own experiences.
– Planning is everything – give your trip some structure before you go, but make sure it’s flexible.
– Travel with a buddy or partner.
– Research your destination(s) thoroughly. Fear often stems from the unknown.
– Travel accessories and medicine should be a priority.

Just enjoy it!
Overall, what’s the best advice for those about to embark on that first awe-inspiring trip? Try everything, embrace life, don’t be afraid to make mistakes and remember…the journey doesn’t begin until you get lost.

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