Travel Talk on Twitter: There’s no place like home…discover your own country

indonesian cuisine satayBahamas2Sometimes, one of the most exciting things about travelling to a new country is meeting locals there who can really show you the best sights. Imagine how useful it would be then, if a bunch of people gathered themselves in one place to discuss the best kept secrets about their home towns….

In this week’s #TTOT, avid travellers across the globe did just that! So, we gathered some of our favourite, most revealing insights from their conversation:

Undiscovered Gems

Giving away an undiscovered find is somewhat bittersweet. You want to share it with the world, but you kind of want to keep it for yourself at the same time!  So, from traveller to traveller, try to keep the following on the down low. Breathtaking places that tweeters thought were worth mentioning were Southern Tanzania, Zimbabwe, stunning Welsh landscapes such as Devil’s Bridge and the National Parks of America. @Travel1Jo also tweeted a fantastic image of Wadi Al Hasa – an undiscovered hiking valley in Jordan. Magnificent!

Not Worth The Trip

Some attractions blow their own trumpets a little too much. The ‘Big Things’ in Australia are apparently little more than the title suggests (example…a giant pineapple) and Oxford Street in London is not the best option for a unique shopping experience in the capital. Some cool advice from @UKHurtigruten? Don’t visit the ‘must-see’ attractions just because everybody else does! You should always keep to your interests when travelling. Here here!

Favourite Foods

This was possibly the toughest question! So what are the tastiest unsung heroes on offer in people’s home countries? Here’s a top three to make your tummy rumble:

  • The Canary Islands: Papas arrugadas with mojos (wrinkled potatoes with salsa)
  • The UK: Pie and mash
  • Malaysia: Sang Har Noodles

Challenge The Stereotype

It’s so annoying when you meet a traveller who has a completely false perception of where you’re from! Although, it’s even more annoying when they have an accurate perception. What are the things that people get wrong time and time again though? We discovered the following to be untrue:

  • Jordanians are unfriendly
  • Kangaroos frequently hop along the main streets in Australia
  • The Seychelles is only good if you’re after a beach holiday
  • Everyone in England knows the Queen

Every day Is An Adventure

@Mellovestravels realisation applies to every location…there is so much to discover close-by! There is something interesting on everybody’s doorstep, so don’t be afraid to take a step back from what you know and look at your hometown through the eyes of a traveller. You never know what you might discover…

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