Travel Talk on Twitter: What Makes Accommodation Outstanding?

Welcome to the first of our Travel Talk on Twitter (#TTOT) blog posts! Every Tuesday, travel enthusiasts gather online to discuss an exciting topic in the world of travel. The travel community ask questions and travel enthusiasts answer them…it’s a match made in heaven!

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This week’s conversation turned to what makes great accommodation. A myriad of responses flooded in, covering a multitude of interesting points. We discovered the following:

Staff are important – “You can stay in a dream castle, but what if the staff are bad and unfriendly?” (@traveldudes)

We couldn’t agree more. There’s nothing worse than finding your ideal holiday destination, complete with a dreamlike hotel room and glorious weather – only for the reception you receive to be colder than the weather you left back home. A smile goes a long way!

There needs to be some added value – “When it becomes part of the holiday experience instead of a disengaged part of it or just a place to crash.” (@lethers)

Very well put. Sure, accommodation provides somewhere to lay your head, but finding somewhere fantastic can take your holiday from standard to spectacular.

Great connections matter – several tweeters stated they would need free Wi-Fi.
This of course depends on the kind of trip you’re embarking on. Being able to connect instantly and on the cheap is crucial for those on a business excursion. If you’re out to relax and have a good time though, there’s nothing better than switching off completely.

What Else?

Aside from all the opulence, what are the absolute necessities? Good showers, comfy beds and big breakfasts – sounds good to us. But in a Utopian paradise, what would the perfect holiday lodgings need? A nearby beach, spas, hammocks, mountains, cocktails, stunning views and maybe even a location out in space…we certainly can’t say these travellers aren’t imaginative!

Overall feelings? Where you stay on your travels needs to be friendly, somewhat unique and a tad luxurious. The kind of place you never want to leave…
Be sure to read the whole Storify conversation just below to find out what else was said, along with some great recommendations of outstanding accommodation. Be sure to join in with #TTOT next week!

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