Travelling twosomes: how do couples define luxury?

How do couples see luxury travel?

Best at Travel investigated by asking some travelling couples to define their idea of luxury. Discover our findings. There’s nothing better than discovering an exciting new part of the world with the one you love. Whether you’re staying close to home or travelling to the other side of the globe, there’s something about having your other half by your side that makes the journey all the more exhilarating. So, we began to wonder, how do couples define luxury travel? The answer is of course relative – it might be surroundings, level of service, or even a state of mind – so as part of our investigation, we wanted to find out how couples would respond to the question what does luxury mean to you?

Time Vs Technology:

Enjoy The JourneyMany couples who travel together tend to be sociable types who enjoy meeting locals and other travellers during their holiday. While this is all part of the fun, it can create a longing for some alone time. Beth and Gaz from Enjoy the Journey  divulged that simply having some downtime together on their travels is the best kind of luxury. So, how do they optimise their time together? By banishing technology!

“I guess our version of luxury is when we finally get some time alone, and I mean, real time alone, no phones, no laptops, no TV… just us!”

It seems being immersed in nothing but peace, natural beauty and the one you love could actually be one of the greatest luxuries out there. “When I think of what luxury travel actually means… I think of quality time together with my partner in crime and exchanging a laptop screen for a view more stunning than I could have ever imagined”

Feeling secure when you travel:

Memories are stronger when they belong to two people, and creating ones that last for a lifetime is what travelling is all about.

Matt Preston Travel with a Mate phrased it perfectly, “travel is all about the memories and creating as many highlights as possible during a trip.” What boosts this to the level of luxury? Security. “Luxury travel is much like being looked after by a loved one. Not just a journey from A to B, but an atmosphere of being totally pampered and secure.”  That feeling of security also comes from the satisfaction of having all the logistics taken care of.

Travel arrangements, accommodation, a great view over dinner… having all this arranged for you by someone else means you can focus on, as Matt puts it, “travel in its purest form”.  Ultimately, not being distracted from the task in hand – that is, your holiday – means you can squeeze in other activities and excursions – from day trips to nearby cities to classes on cooking local cuisine.

The luxury of unparalleled service:

Poplar TravelsWhat amplifies the effect of that coveted level of security, as well as privacy and alone time is undisputed great service, as disclosed by Eric and Evanne from Poplar Travels, “balancing such privacy and flexible schedules with immediate and anticipated service is difficult but attainable, and this is where luxury is created.”

Flexibility and never needing to lift a finger rank as true indulgences for couples, as does real attention to detail. Eric and Evanne recalled a time when La Residence Hue in Vietnam arranged for them to visit their favourite local restaurant at the very last minute. On another luxurious occasion, staff from elegant Sofitel Krabi Phokeethra Golf and Spa  took them out to an island on their speedboat for a picnic after hours, despite them being the only ones there.

Passionate staff who genuinely care about the quality of your stay are right up there in the couple realms of luxury. To have the time and space to truly switch off and immerse yourself in just your surroundings and the company of your other half is only possible when your every whim is answered by friendly staff who are happy to help, without being too imposing.

The journey of changing perspectives:

By all means, opinions, tastes and preferences change as we grow older, and the perception of luxury is no exception to this rule. Incomes fluctuate, and as we’re exposed to the different things the world has to offer, we learn more about what we enjoy, as well as the things we’d rather avoid. Over the years, luxury can range from opting for a taxi over public transport during a holiday in New York or staying in a private beachside villa in the Maldives.

A Bird In the Hand TravelElle Croft from A Bird in the Hand Travel pointed out the definition of luxury evolves for each of us as we change and grow and place more value on different things in our lives.”

A couple relatively new to travel might find luxury in having a whole hilltop to themselves during a hike, whereas a couple with more travel mileage on their side might find luxury in unwinding in an opulent five star hotel. No tastes are ever really set in stone.


How to create your own luxury:

Conversant-travellerOf course, no matter where you’re staying or what your accommodation is like, it’s possible to create a luxury all of your own by seeking out truly unique experiences. Heather from Conversant Traveller advocates working for your own luxury by straying off the beaten track;

“Next time you’re in Thailand sharing the beach with hundreds of others, make the effort to walk a bit further around the coast to the next secluded bay. The empty sands and swaying palms are all yours, simply because you tried a bit harder than everyone else. Now that is luxury!”

Couples who travel – the conclusion:

So to summarise, the resonating response we heard from these well-travelled couples was clear – luxury is about spending time together, collecting memories and feeling completely secure and looked after by your significant other. Little extras all make up the luxury experience – whether that’s receiving service that goes above or beyond, or just exploring new lands together.

Thank you to all the bloggers who revealed their take on luxury! Look out for our findings on solo and family travellers, coming soon.

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