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The more you travel, the more you learn about the ways of the world and the ins and outs of different locations. However, people discover things in different ways, and life would be dull if we all had the same outlook, right?

This week’s TTOT turned to great travel tricks and tips for the road. How can you make your travels more enjoyable? Read on for Best at Travel’s round up of some of the best points from the conversation…

Keep Costs Down

The internet is your friend, so shop around for the best deals! Planning is important for those keeping an eye on the pennies too. Make sure you know exactly what your budget is, book in advance and plan for absolutely everything (travel, food, accommodation, excursions, etc).

A great trip from @MagellanPR when it comes to being frugal? ‘Don’t be afraid to haggle – if socially acceptable.’ We couldn’t agree more! Bargaining is a skill, and travelling around the world gives you a great opportunity to perfect it.

Tips By Country

No matter what you learn on the road, things tend to change from country to country. @amandakendle suggests that, when planning a trip to Oz, you should allow triple the amount of time you think you’ll need – it’s a big place! When travelling to the UK, think outside the box – don’t just stick to London. There’s lots more interesting places to see…and the scenery is much more beautiful in Scotland. Also, if you go to New Zealand, Auckland’s all well and good, but the South Island is where it’s at.

The Secret To A Great Trip…

The ultimate tips and secrets?

  • Carry a blow-up pillow – you never know where you might have to lay your head.
  • Hit attractions early in the day for the best experience.
  • Don’t be afraid to stray from your plan! Itineraries can be stressful.
  • Carry some Tiger Balm everywhere!
  • For those going to New York…apparently there’s a shop at South Street Seaport that has shorter queues than the ticket booth in Times Square! Genius.

The Best Deals

There are many different travel sites out there on the web, each with strengths in different areas. Many members of the community stated Skyscanner as a good place to go for cheap flights, but there are certain elements of a great travel deal that sites like this simply don’t cover.

If you’re really after the best deal, never settle for less than the whole package. Best at Travel don’t just offer expertise and affordability – we also offer ATOL protection and a fantastic customer service. We’re passionate about travel, and are here to help you plan the trip of a lifetime… and what’s that if not a great deal?

What are your thoughts on this week’s TTOT? Got any travel tips of your own to share? Spill!

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