Travel Talk on Twitter: A smile and a hello – travelling with people you don’t know

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Do you tend to make new friends when you travel? Whether you set off on a journey on your own or with friends, the appeal of experiencing an adventure with someone entirely new can be almost as exciting as the trip itself.

In this week’s #TTOT, travellers discussed the pros and cons of travelling with new acquaintances. Not only that, but they discussed tips for making new friends in the first place, and shared their good and bad experiences. Read on for some of the highlights…

How Do You Break the Ice?

A sense of humour goes a long way when you’re trying to break the ice with strangers. @UKEnterprise quipped that you could use ‘A fat penguin!’ (Just let that joke sink in for a few seconds.) Another traveller advised using that classic conversation piece – the weather – and one pointed out the friend-making powers of owning a good bottle opener!

Buddy-making Tip

@UnevenTenor suggests inviting somebody to walk with you when you leave the hostel. Even if it’s just for a walk around the block, this can be the perfect opportunity to get to know someone different and avoid spending the rest of the trip on your lonesome!

New Friends Broaden the Mind

Is that the saying? Friends you make out on the road can make you aware of places you might never have even heard of, never mind considered visiting. Tweeters pointed out the following:

  • Your bucket list of destinations can grow after chatting to new people.
  • More local knowledge can help you get the most out of your stay.
  • You look at places from an entirely different perspective after listening to other people’s stories…and then, you get to tell yours!

The Best Experiences

From meeting elderly DJs, new best friends and even future wives…it’s clear that connecting with people all over the world can – much like the most exciting of road trips – take your life in a direction you never thought it would go. One traveller, @rosalilium, recalled how she changed her entire plan and hopped on a boat with 10 strangers instead – and it was awesome.

However, not everyone’s experiences have been so positive. @writingtravels once had to endure a long bus journey with a stranger sleeping on their lap. Ouch.

Nice to Meet You

In short, making a point of meeting new people when out on the road seems like the only sane thing to do if you really want to squeeze as much as you can from your travels. @makenewtracks summed up the sentiment of the discussion perfectly: ‘You can learn something from every single person you meet; everyone has a story to tell.’ Wise words indeed.

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