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There’s no better place to party than all around the world! Nothing quite beats that feeling of arriving to your chosen destination and realising that the biggest event of the year just kicked off!

This week’s Travel Talk on Twitter turned to the best parties, events and nightlife in various locations. Read through our favourite snippets from the conversation to discover the best spots in which to have the time of your life…

Cheers! Salud! Santé!

The best time to immerse yourself in local culture somewhere can often be during some sort of celebration, and there are lots of local events that may not have appeared on your radar before. As suggested by @tripwellness, the Equinox celebration at the Pyramids of Teotihuacan in Mexico comes at the top of our list. Celebrate the coming of spring by climbing the Pyramid of the Sun between 9am and 1pm and joining the locals in asking the gods for energy and health. After all, more energy = more travel!

There’s also the Gion Matsuri in Kyoto, where swarms of Kimono-clad revellers take to the streets to sample amazing food, or the Moors V Christians, which is a three day fiesta in Pollenca, Majorca – according to @chrispking, you should expect plenty of raving, fire dancing and street parties.

For a true hit of local tradition – contrary to popular belief – Pow-wows in Canada are open to all, and are a great way to witness a celebration of local culture in action. (Thanks for the tip @MalloryOnTravel!) Tasting local delicacies is also an ideal way to learn about different ways of life… and drinks are no exception! If someone offers you a Bounty Martini in Paris, say yes. According to @kpowley, it’s a delicious cocktail that comes with a chocolate marshmallow bear! However…if you’re heading to Zimbabwe, @moving_sushi reveals that you should try a drink called ‘Chubuko’ at your peril. Consider yourself warned!

Trips to Thailand

One of the ultimate party destinations of course, is Thailand. @makenewtracks revealed that they ended up at Songkran accidentally, and had an epic time. If you travel to Thailand over the 13th-15th of April, you’ll witness a New Year’s party like no other in the world! Thailand’s New Year coincides with many others in South and Southeast Asia, so you could even turn it into an all-round party trip!

As pointed out by @workaaronhall, there’s also the Full Moon Party, which attracts 10,000-30,000 people every month and remains one of the most popular parties in the world. What better nightlife could you hope for than a moonlit beach in Thailand?

Partying on a Budget

Sorry, but limited funds are no excuse for having an early night! You really don’t need money to have a great time! Check out our top five locations for the budget traveller, as discussed by the TTOT community:

  • Berlin
  • Vietnam
  • Spain
  • Portugal

Staying Safe

Any savvy holiday-goer knows the importance of staying safe – especially when in a party zone. Some of the best tips we came across? Stick together, keep a card with the name of your hotel stashed somewhere safely on your person and always leave valuables and spare cash in the hotel (preferably locked in a safe)! Try to listen to your instincts, and always keep your wits about you.

Happy New Year!

Choosing where to celebrate on New Year’s eve can be a tricky task. But, we hear on the TTOT grapevine that three of the most rockin’ locations on December 31st are (drumroll please)…

  • Edinburgh (the Hogmanay Street Party is fantastic)
  • Latin America (especially Columbia and Brazil)
  • Barcelona (grape gobbling, lucky red underwear and a huge street party…we’re a bit intrigued by that one @kerrychristiani!)

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