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The imposing Monastery in Petra, Jordan Phang Nga








Seeing amazing locations in films or TV series can often make us want to travel more than anything else. In fact, people with really serious cases of wanderlust often find themselves more captivated by locations than they do storylines. Whether it’s famous cities, exciting landmarks or famous movie hotels, there are certain places that have become immortalised in film, and some travellers make it their mission to visit the most well-known of the bunch.

The Travel Talk on Twitter (TTOT) community recently discussed the movies that inspired them to pack a bag and take a trip, or the ones that have them dreaming of embarking on a whole new adventure…

What’s The Dream?

Some locations seem so fantastic through the eyes of a camera that they end up on most people’s bucket lists. Examples? Rome, India, Bali, New Zealand and Petra in Jordan – thanks to Eat, Pray Love, Lord of the Rings and of course…Indiana Jones. Then – thanks to a certain Ms Hepburn who took herself on a Roman Holiday – there’s Rome. Not forgetting New York – frequented by many a fictional hero in titles such as Friends, Sex & the City, Home Alone 2, Enchanted and Elf. All these films and TV shows give us serious travel envy!

A festival Of Film

As many locations appear on film, many films appear in locations. Film festivals take place all over the world at different times of year – but what did travel-mad Tweeters find to be the highlights? @lethers recommends the Singapore Airlines Film Festival and the Oman Air Film Festival. Then there’s the JAM (Just About Movies) festival, as recommended by @findinganeish – who also pointed out the fact that you get to sleep in a castle (which is what you would hope for from a festival based 30 minutes from Glasgow and Edinburgh). Another castle-based festival that came up was the International Film Festival in Zanzibar, as put forward by @traveldudes.

Best Travel Movies

Some films have that ability to make your jaw drop when it comes to stunning locations. Our suggestion? Put the following list somewhere safe, look the locations up, and then pack your bag:

Out of Africa
The Descendants
Y Tu Mamá También

The Forgotten Gems

Some locations are just screaming for a blockbuster film or hit series to be created within their borders… but where are these ready-made movie sets? @Aurora_Zone’s suggestion of Finnish Lapland got a lot of favourites – the Northern Lights certainly hold a natural beauty more powerful than any CGI. Oman, Dali (in Yunnan, China) and the Virunga Mountain ranges also got mentions. @JLA_UK also thinks the movie execs should try Panama out as a location for Bond… James Bond. We like!

Which movie locations have inspired you to travel? Can you think of somewhere you visited that deserves to be shared on the silver screen?

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