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The ski season has arrived in full force, and here at Best at Travel, we couldn’t be more excited! Sorting out all your equipment and putting a travel plan together is almost as much fun as the trip itself…but the hardest part? Choosing a location!

Yep, it’s a tough life for the travelling skier. Luckily, this week’s Travel Talk on Twitter revealed some of the best and most interesting places to hit the slopes. Prepare to be surprised by some of the answers we rounded up…

The locations you have to see

According to @elle_croft, Grouse Mountain in Vancouver is a great location, particularly for the amazing views. The world’s highest glacier in Laz Baz is supposed to be awe-inspiring too, but you need to get there quickly before the climate changes too drastically!

In summer, everything changes. A must-visit destination for summer skiing is South Africa. Take a tip from @thesafaririch and combine safari with ski! There are lots of resorts to choose from in this location, so take your pick and prepare for a skiing holiday like no other.

When it comes to après-ski, Lots of tweeting travellers agreed that all a skiing or snowboarding resort really needs to be great is an open fire, a comfy bed and some delicious cocktails (or hot chocolate)! We couldn’t agree more. Of course, good-quality snow helps too…

Where to find the best snow

Canada just pips Switzerland to the post here! Switzerland has smooth snow and views for miles that will take your breath away, but according to @Door2Tour, Canada’s snow is nice and powdery – and not too icy (and the views are just as beautiful).

If you want to test out those flawless snow rumours for yourself, the wonderful Canada has a huge variety of ski locations, some of the coolest (literally) being at Whistler resorts. As well as boasting excellent ski slopes, holiday-goers can expect to be plunged into the very best of nature. Go cycling, head out on a hike or just kick back by the fire. There are lots of types of accommodation available, from cosy lodges to relaxing hotels with spas. Oh, Canada!

Top tips for first-time skiers

Heading out on your first skiing trip can be daunting, to say the least! Take some advice from those in the know:

  • Put ice on your knees after your session and take a hot bath in the morning.
  • Don’t try to teach yourself! Take a few lessons- they’re totally worth it.
  • Have a healthy breakfast to set yourself up for the day ahead.
  • Don’t stay up partying all night- prepare for an early morning!
  • Try to prepare by learning on a dry slope.

The weirdest skiing spot

Hawaii – yes, you read that right. If you’re a bit of a pro, this is a great place to head to. There’s a ski spot called Mauna Kea (White Mountain), but watch out – there are no facilities whatsoever. Anyone can get great views from the top of this mountain, but if you plan on indulging in some wintery sports, make sure you know your stuff! This is wilderness skiing (or snowboarding) in its truest form.

What’s the most exciting location you’ve ever hit the slopes in? Got any other tips for first-timers?

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