Travel Image of the Week: Petra, Jordan

In the Middle East – bordered by Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria and Israel – lies Jordan. Within its borders is the ancient city of Petra, also known as the Rose City, due to the colour of the stone it is carved from. Petra has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1985, and is Jordan’s most-visited tourist attraction.

This photo reveals what is seen on the approach to Petra, a glimpse of the face of a structure dating back as far as 312 BC. The shot somehow recreates the feeling of awe that Swiss explorer Johann Ludwig Burckhardt must have felt when he stumbled upon his most famous discovery back in 1812.

We find this image completely captivating, as well as a little mysterious. It’s combinations like this that give us the travel bug!



The Photographer

Abi King is a writer and photographer who left behind a medical career to travel. Her website, Inside the Travel Lab, has enlightening, descriptive and inspirational posts covering a multitude of locations. In short, this woman will make you want to see the world. As she phrases it, she writes about ‘unusual journeys, thoughtful luxury and how you can see the world through different eyes’.

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