Travel Image Of The Week: Ordinary Traveler

There are a myriad of reasons why Mauritius is so special: the incredible natural beauty, the charming locals, the incredible cuisine and the endless palm fringed beaches. We chose this stunning image for our Travel Image Of The Week because it captures all of the above (and more).

In our eyes it encapsulates the perfect holiday scene – you can almost feel the calmness, as the sun sets over the mountains behind, and the water as still as glass. This painting-like photograph makes you want to be in that place, at that time.


Our image of the week was taken by bloggers and photographer extraordinaire’s Christy and Scott, who make up the team that is Ordinary Traveler. They have been globe trotting since 2006 with the aim of inspiring others and live a full and adventurous life.

They highlight the immense beauty of Mauritius in words, but also capture perfectly through their photographic prowess. This post in particular highlights the various options and activities, perfect for your travelling inspiration.

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