Travel Image Of The Week: Bali

This week’s top travel image is awarded to a photographer and blogger who really knows how to capture a moment. This snap was taken whilst trekking through aptly named Monkey Forest in Bali. It looks as though man’s closest relative doesn’t want to let us in on the secret as they have a hushed discussion behind a sneaky leaf. Travellers are free to roam around the forest at their will; to really get up close and personal to these cheeky monkeys.



About The Photographer

Char Taylor runs Taylor Hearts Travel as a travel lifestyle blog that looks to showcase the stylish and unique; be that a destinations, a job in the travel industry or fashion. She works to the tagline: Stylish and exciting travel for you, your home and your wardrobe.

She began traveling in 2007, jumping in the deep end and backpacking around the world and has been featured by Company Magazine as one of their favourite bloggers. Read her original blog post here. You can follow Char’s epic adventures on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. If you’re itching to get there now, travel with Best At Travel to Bali for a holiday of a lifetime.

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