Travel Image Of The Week: Mauritius

Mauritius is a true island utopia with all that is synonymous with paradise. Palm fringed beaches and idyllic coastline are all waiting to be explored. Our travel image this week shows a perfect representation of a Mauritian scene; beautiful sandy beach, lush green trees in the background, not a sole in sight and a fishing boat lolling on the calm waters. Who knows where the fisherman is, we like to think that they’ve gone to stock up on Green Island White Rum ready for the next outing.

This beautiful isle has long been a popular holiday destination for those seeking luxurious surroundings and a sense of exclusivity, and there are plenty of stunning resorts to choose from. This photographer explored the whole island and captures the beauty and serenity in one single snapshot.

Gentleman Traveller - Mauritus


The Photographer

Based in Chelsea, David is editor of The Gentleman Traveller, a men’s lifestyle and travel blog. The blog aims to recommend aspirational travel ideas to help escape from London, along with lifestyle options and products to help enhance a gentleman’s lifestyle. His original blog post entitled ‘East Coast Mauritius‘ is packed full of travel tips and insights to ensure you get the most out of your time in Mauritius. You can keep up to date with David’s travels via Twitter and Instagram. If you want to sample Mauritius in real life, check out our spectacular deals here.

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