Top 5 Extraordinary Spas

There are spas, and then there are extraordinary spas – those that tantalise with something a little bit special and out of the ordinary. Here we list our top 5 most interesting and quirky spas around the world:

Boucan by Hotel Chocolat1. Chocoholic’s Paradise:
Boucan By Hotel Chocolat, St Lucia
The luxury British chocolate company, Hotel Chocolat, has transformed St Lucia’s oldest cocoa plantation into a chocoholic’s haven. Located in the cocoa groves of the Rabot Estate, this 4* Plus hotel offers a myriad of treatments using the cacao bean. They mix up unique potions and lotions on the estate in fresh, small batches ready to invigorate and pamper, scrub and massage.


Banyan Tree Maldives2. Tropical Tradition:
Banyan Tree Vabbinfaru, the Maldives
Recognised as the Continent winner in the March 2014 World Luxury Spa Awards, the Banyan Tree Spa Vabbinfaru in the Maldives is the epitome of paradise. This 5* Plus hotel offers a range of treatments including those using locally grown coconuts. Combine this with an immaculate setting along a powder soft beach and you will be soothed into a sated state.

Belmond Maroma

3. Mayan Healing:
The Belmond Maroma Resort & Spa, Riviera Maya
Experience traditional Mayan healing rituals in this extraordinary 5* spa. Every aspect has been aligned with the stars and all the treatment rooms have massage beds that face east, to represent new beginnings. Experience a Temazcal ritual; an ancient ceremony performed at dusk which involves heated rocks doused with herb-infused water to create an aromatic steam. Aloe Vera is then applied to the skin to soothe and nourish, and after the sun sets you plunge into the sea, feeling revived & refreshed.

4. Spa Rituals:Pangkor Laut
Pangkor Laut Resort, Malaysia
This unique 5* retreat provides the backdrop for some of the oldest health rituals in the world. There are eight ‘healing huts’ here which provide a range of different treatments from China, Japan, India, Thailand, Bali and Malaysia. The treatments are designed to combine physical and spiritual well-being with a specialist Chinese, Ayurvedic and Malay consultation at the beginning of your stay.

Fusion Maia Danang


5. All Spa Inclusive
Fusion Maia in Danang, Vietnam

This stunning 5* spa resort is Asia’s first all spa inclusive resort, meaning that all treatments are included with no extra cost. Their programme of ‘seven daily practices’ outlines a way of living naturally, with nourishing cuisine, practical ideas and spirit-lifting activities to provide guests with the tools to provide balance to their lives.

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