Rise Of The Female Solo Traveller

To celebrate International Women’s Day (Sunday, 8th March 2015), we take a look at the rise of the female solo traveller. Gone are the days of speculation over a women’s social life (or lack of), and the imposing fear factor that any lone female may be in grave danger. In fact, the below infographic courtesy of  Travel Zoo sums it all up very well.

It’s not just the backpacking community who are travelling alone, the over 55’s are just as keen to get out there and experience the world solo. In fact 60% of British women are open to the idea of travelling alone, with the main motivational factor being ‘finding themselves’. Of course there are some countries that solo females may still be cautious about travelling to, but the top five countries that are thought to be the safest by female travellers are: France, Spain, Canada, Italy and the USA.

So are you a lady looking to go solo? If so, there is plenty of inspiration to be found on our website. Or if the safety of a known itinerary sounds appealing, why not try an escorted tour in Cuba or South Africa? Or a worldwide cruise? The world is your oyster!


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