Pampering, deserts and blackout blinds: How solo female travellers define luxury

Embark on a holiday by yourself and you’re in for an adventure. Discovering new places, having the freedom to set your own schedule without anyone challenging your decisions and being able to go straight to the destination of your choice… these all sound like the recipe for a fantastic trip. Some choose to do it on a budget, and others opt for luxury holidays, but how do solo travellers define what luxury actually means? Have their perceptions changed over time, and which features do they see as absolute musts for a luxurious trip?

The idea is subjective, of course, but we wanted to see if there were any similarities in the girls’ answers, and if their thoughts were all that different from those of the boys. So, we asked a select group of female travel bloggers: ‘What does luxury mean to you?‘ Here’s what they had to say…

Luxury accommodation must-haves:

Taylor-Hearts-TravelsChar from Taylor Hearts Travel summed up luxury accommodation in three words: stylish, unique and exciting. She stated,

When I’m on my own I want to know that I’m safe and going to be well-looked after. I want modern comforts like Wi-Fi and a clean room, and I adore raiding the toiletry selection at luxury properties!”

Abigail from Inside The Travel Lab added a few more essential features:

“The soft touch of white cotton sheets as I sleep, ruffled towels as I dry and soothing scents as I drift off to sleep.”

In agreement with this, Victoria from Pommie Travels reckons the best hotel rooms should have the following items:

– Big wardrobes
– A proper coffee machine
– Blackout blinds
– Plenty of plug sockets
– A long mirror (to see full outfits) and an illuminated vanity mirror (for applying makeup)

Girl-About-The-Globe-2In terms of where to stay, Lisa from Girl About the Globe (and author of A Female Guide to Solo Travel) divulged that “nothing oozes luxuriousness more than a desert hotel. Waking up to the silence of a red desert in Abu Dhabi was the most amazing experience I have had to date.”

Meeting people whilst travelling:

Of course, accommodation isn’t everything, as highlighted by Jai from Savoir There“Yes, luxury can be silk sheets, marble bathrooms, milled soap and pillow menus, but more than these things it is a feeling of relaxation beyond anything which we could dream of at home, and it is a feeling of being our best selves, while still being true to ourselves.”

From relaxing in a beach-side villa, to tucking into your favourite meal at a local restaurant, feeling completely at ease can be achieved in several ways while on holiday. Something interesting that cropped up was the importance of being surrounded by those with similar interests. This is particularly important for solo travellers, who may regularly end up striking conversation with strangers.

As Jai explained, “For the solo traveller, I believe finding that elusive ‘right fit’ is the ultimate in luxury, because we solo travellers are throwing ourselves into the experience and interacting with everyone around us in a way and to a depth that those travelling as a couple or a group simply cannot match.”

3 luxury travel tips from women:

We got some great luxury travel advice from our solo female travellers:

1) Research and plan: How else can you guarantee the experience of a lifetime?

2) It starts with the journey: Flying? Consider premium economy flights – they’re still luxurious but not quite as extravagant as business class.

3) Don’t be afraid to treat yourself: Just because you’re going solo doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in the things you love!

Taking time out:

the happy passportOf course, all of these ‘luxuries’ are nothing without the time to truly enjoy them. As Rebekah from The Happy Passport pointed out, “True luxury is freedom. True luxury is a break from stress, responsibility, and the cares of the world.”

So, no matter what you’re up to, as long as you’re away from your worries and really winding down with plenty of time to play with, your holiday can be high up on the luxury scale.

Having time to yourself means doing whatever makes you happy. Victoria stated, As a solo female traveller, luxury travel means being able to have some ‘me’ time. Whether it’s a hot stone massage in the hotel spa or cocktails in a chic sunset bar, it’s nice to have the chance to pamper yourself once in a while.”

And ‘pampering’ can be whatever you want it to be (there’s another subjective thought for you).

Solo females who travel: the conclusion:

So, from hotels in the middle of deserts and meeting fellow travellers to light-up vanity mirrors and having time to switch off, the opinion spectrum of how luxury can be defined seems broader than ever for these female bloggers. In terms of how they matched up with the boys, here are just a few of the things that both groups mentioned:

– Coffee machines in rooms
– Dining out
– Private transportation (both mentioned handy taxi app)
– Airport lounges

So, it seems we’re not that different after all!

If all this talk of holidays has given you a case of wanderlust, browse our destinations and book a ticket to luxury.

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