From Miami to Mexico: Keeping it in the Family

South Beach, Miami

We asked Best at Travel founder, owner and MD, mother of two and international globetrotter Rita Sharma to give us the inside tips on getting the most out of your multigenerational family break.

We all love to travel, but it can be a tricky balancing act. None of us have enough time to see as much as we would like, and we usually have to please a variety of different tastes whenever we plan our next trip – something that is even more difficult when your group is multigenerational! We sat down with Rita Sharma, our MD here at Best at Travel. As a business owner, Rita rarely has time to herself and for her recent holiday she wanted to combine a relaxing break with quality time spent with her husband, son, 26 and daughter, 28. Obviously, ticking all the boxes was a real challenge – and we wanted to find out how she did it.

‘I wanted to impress them’, Rita muses when asked about how she went about selecting her recent twin-centre trip to Miami, Florida and Riviera Maya, Mexico. ‘When we stepped foot in our hotel, there was a real atmosphere’. She’s talking about her six night stay in 1 South Beach, Miami. Naturally, with her younger family members in tow, it was important to find somewhere that she and her husband could relax, enjoy an excellent meal and generally unwind… but it was also equally important that her children, especially her night owl son, felt they had enough excitement.

‘We’ve taken them to the Maldives before, and whilst it truly is paradise on earth, for my son in particular a buzzing nightlife is essential. Miami completely delivered that. It’s really having a renaissance, and it’s something you feel as soon as you arrive’.

What could possibly top such a destination? Why not try exploring two! Rita is absolutely adamant that a twin centre trip is the best way to travel. As someone with not much time to spare, she revels in the fact that a twin centre trip allows her to see the highlights of more than one place. After six nights in Miami, the family headed to Tulum where a completely different experience awaited them.

‘There is just so much to do on that two mile strip. It’s a real hippy vibe: amazing spa experiences and Mayan healing treatments. Our room at Hotel Esencia was incredible. Rustic chic and elegant, and with an amazing view out to the sea. Most importantly, there was something for all of us to enjoy’.

So was the trip a winner? It certainly seems so. Rita enthuses about how her children’s ‘minds were blown’ and how fantastic their time away was more than once during our conversation – for a woman who has made travel her business for over 20 years, this is a ringing endorsement. Her advice for anyone else looking to have a similarly fantastic experience?

‘Don’t spend too long in one place, but make sure you do each destination justice’.

Wise words for all travellers, we think.


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