Mauritius Catamaran Cruise

On each trip to the wonderful island of Mauritius there is one must on my list of things to do, a catamaran cruise.

I prefer the ones that stay inside the reef; I find it a much calmer experience. Relax on board with a cocktail or two (ok maybe three), and cruise along the stunning Mauritian  coast.  I love to take a dip from time to time in  the crystal clear water which I find  is a real rejuvenator. In many places the water only comes to chest height so armed with a snorkel and mask, I just delight in the array of beautifully coloured and inquisitive fish with little effort. They just appear, stop-by it seems to see what’s happening.


The BBQ lunch on-board, is an ingenious concept with a state-of-the-art BBQ hung over the back of the catamaran making chefs out of the crew, who conjure up some delightful seafood dishes.
Venturing further along the coast, the catamaran enters into  small secluded inlets and follows  the river to the interior (very Robinson Crusoe). The scenery is a pleasure but as the sound of rushing water grew louder the catamaran came to an abrupt stop at a bend in the river, our way is blocked by a magnificent waterfall so any further thoughts of being an intrepid explorer came to an abrupt end. A couple or three more cocktails helps while away a lazy afternoon. A bosons chair up the mast with your camera is a great experience, but make sure they don’t forget you, (no that did not happen to me, really…. no really..).
If there is only one trip you do in Mauritius, let it be this one.

Who knows on my next visit I might just bump into you, oh… and before leaving, please check the top of the mast, I would be most grateful.


Bio : Bill is the Head of Product at Best At Travel he has lived in Portugal, the Canaries, Sri Lanka, India, Egypt, Dubai, the Dominican Republic, Kenya and India, with extended stays and visits to Hong Kong, South Africa, Brazil, Oman,Maldives, Mauritius, Seychelles, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Morocco, Thailand, Malaysia, Bali, USA, Antigua, St Lucia, Venezuela, Spain, France, Greece and Argentina to name but a few. He still feels he has barely scratched the surface and has so many more places and people to meet, as he believes this is the true spirit and wonder of travel.




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