Mauritius Voted World’s Friendliest Destination

MauritiusThe population of Mauritius will be very happy today after receiving a plethora of awards at the World Countries Awards 2014 on Tuesday night (18 November). There were over 100 awards and prizes up for grabs, but the Mauritians cleaned up with a staggering eight wins.





They ranked number one for: the Best Country in the World, Most Beautiful Capital City in the World (Port Louis), Best Food in The World, Nicest People on Earth, Smartest People on the Planet, Most Handsome Men in the World, Most Beautiful Women on the Planet and Most Humble Human Beings on the Planet.

Just a few reasons to go and visit then!

Most are unsurprising; the food is delectable, the people are incredibly welcoming and hospitable (and beautiful!) and Port Louis is beautiful, both bustling and relaxing in strangely equal measures. Mauritius has long been a popular holiday destination for families, honeymooners and couples looking for a bit of luxury, with its warm year-round temperatures, picturesque surroundings and sense of exclusivity. This island has a timeless beauty, not forgetting the best food in the world, the nicest people on earth and the most beautiful women and men on the planet…the list goes on.

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