Maldives Paradise On Earth

As we descended into Male Airport I could not help but start thinking just how beautiful the Maldives must be. Through the gaps in the clouds I could see tiny islands surrounded by turquoise water and white sand.
The first thing you notice when you arrive is the smell of the sea. This is a nation of Islanders any everything revolves around the ocean. We were met and taken to the seaplane check-in desks where we said goodbye to our luggage one again and took the short road transfer around to the other side of the island where the seaplane terminal is located.
I was amazed at just how many planes were coming and going to all these Islands like bees into a hive. Camera ready, we took off directly over the runway of the main airport and I spent 45 minutes with my face pressed against the window with my mouth open wanting to shout out ‘wow!’ I can only use the words breathtaking when flying at such low altitude over Islands, reefs and Atolls. Landing on the water was incredible and the plane taxied to the Hotels pier. My first impression was that this paradise, Medhufushi was my home for the next week. I could only think of what I was going to do (or not do) for the next 8 days.
With luggage arrived in the room, we stepped into our water villa and straight through it to the wooden deck that overlooks the Ocean. The gin-clear shallow water lapped around the steps that lead down to the sea.
Without unpacking (except swimwear) I was straight into the water and there I stayed for the next couple of hours feeling the sun on my face and watching myriads of colourful fishes around me. Being keen divers and snorkelers our next mission was to find the best area on the island to snorkel which we quickly found. Within 5 minutes we had seen Tuna, Baby Shark, a Turtle, Pipefish, Parrot Fish, Triggerfish and thousands upon thousands of other fish.
What to do in the Maldives?  It is easy to get into a routine of doing nothing much but eating the delicious food – notably of course the seafood and fish curries! Have a cocktail watching the sunset which seems to change every minute, Snorkeling, listening to silence and just appreciating moments of being together. You have time to think, breathe. I spent many hours on the wooden terrace watching rays and turtles and baby sharks glide past. One of my favourite things to do was to sit at the front of the boat on the way to diving and snorkeling sites watching the water change into every possible shade of blue imaginable. Dolphins arrived unexpectedly at the boat and gave me my ultimate highlight of the trip. Trips to local reefs are really well organised and the reefs we visited were in pristine condition and full of marine life. In a World where we are destroying things at a fast pace, floating over this World made me think of how much longer this gorgeous place may be here for….
I would return in a heart beat.

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