Las Vegas My Top Tip

When everyone thinks of Las Vegas they automatically think of excessive gambling and exciting nightlife. Don’t get me wrong as there is definitely plenty of both, but there is so much more to Las Vegas than that! I should know as I was born and raised in Las Vegas having just recently moved to London this past October.

One of my favourite experiences I would recommend to everyone is to experience a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon and the Las Vegas Strip. The Grand Canyon is about 4 hour drive and while it is a wonder to see, most do not want  to waste an entire day driving back and forth to see it when you are only spending 3-4 nights in Las Vegas.

In a helicopter you can experience the grandeur of the Grand Canyon as well as Hoover Dam, Lake Mead and breathtaking aerial views of the constantly changing Las Vegas Strip in 4 hours roundtrip and be lying by the pool by 2pm with a cocktail in your hand! I would definitely recommend Maverick Helicopter Tours as they have very knowledgeable and friendly pilots and I really enjoyed touching down in the canyon by the Colorado River to enjoy our champagne and snack. Maverick is also the only helicopter company licensed to land in the Canyon at 3500 feet, 300 feet about the Colorado River the deepest and furthest you can go. The landing area is great and very private.

There is so much to do and see in Las Vegas; whether it is 5 star dining experiences, world class spa treatments, outdoor adventures, there really is something for everyone.

One thing is guaranteed (well, besides nursing a massive hangover), you will never be bored in Las Vegas!


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