Palm Island, The Caribbean – Where Less Is More

 Joanne Ellis, Best At Travel’s Caribbean Product Manger, travelled to Palm Island Resort last month. Located at the southern tip among the idyllic Grenadines’ archipelago, the resort is accessible by a short flight from Barbados to Union Island, then by boat to the resort. Her account below shows first hand how spectacular this 4*+ resort is:

Palm_Island_TerraceThe view of turquoise Caribbean waters was beguiling from the window on the short flight from Barbados and arrival at Union Island airport is, well, unbelievable – it has to be the tinniest landing strip ever and the simplest airport!

Before I knew it we were on Palm Island’s private boat and reached their jetty in less than ten minutes; we were welcomed with a refreshing fruit punch and were able to go straight to our room, no formal check-in or queue at this hotel! In fact there is no formality at all on this little island, which is incredibly relaxed, there’s just 43 rooms & suites plus a couple of villas, it’s only 135 acres – you can walk or cycle around easily and there are some nature trails to enjoy offering commanding views and leading to all 5 picture-perfect beaches with gorgeous powdery white sand at the guests’ disposal. A real tropical hideaway!

Palm_Island_Sunset_RestaurantYou might think because it is an exclusive private island it will be pretentious but actually it’s the complete opposite. To enable a peaceful setting, mobile phones are banned from the beach and there’s no tv in the rooms (don’t worry there is wifi at the reception and
library.) We soon slipped in to the casual ambience, met many of the resident iguanas, sampled the rum cocktails and enjoyed the all-inclusive hospitality at the Palm restaurant; no reservations are required for dinner which really suited us not having to commit to meal times. Evening entertainment was low key, mainly local live music and a weekly crab racing competition! One evening we watched a movie on the beach (Pirates Of The Caribbean, what else?) which was quite romantic under the stars.

Palm_Island_Room_ViewI loved being somewhere where the only decisions necessary each day were which flavour yogurt to have with breakfast (delicious range made on the nearby island of St Vincent, the ginger one was my favourite) and where to admire the sunset (I got some stunning pics from the jetty). Being part of the Grenadines, an archipelago of 32 islands, Palm Island is also ideally placed for a memorable boat trip and is near the fabulous Tobago Cays which are un-beatable for snorkelling and scuba diving.

Palm_Island_HammockIt was clear many of our fellow guests had been to Palm before and many of the staff began to feel like friends. There’s a gym, tennis court, swimming pool and daytime activities such as yoga and Pilates for those more energetic moments but in essence Palm is all about kicking back, re-charging, discovering natural beauty and perfecting swaying in a hammock.

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