Image of the week: Bali

Bali is a popular tourist destination, but there are plenty of sights away from the beaten track that are still waiting to be explored. Our chosen travel blogger visited Nusa Dua at the height of the Galungan celebrations – which just happens to be one of the biggest religious celebrations on the island. Residents put up a penjor (a long pole made from bamboo) as a symbol of victory against evil spirits. It’s decorated with flowers and coloured paper, as well as things that are used in everyday life, such as rice and vegetables.

People also leave offerings in temples, shop entrances and altars for Sang Hyang Widi, the creator of the universe. This striking image captures the moment some cheeky monkeys swooped in to steal some of the offerings! Monkeys can often be found near Bali’s temples, as they are a great spot for hunting down some food. This image was snapped at the Samabe Resort in Bali, which is located in the southern part of Nusa Dua. The resort is peaceful and relaxing, not to mention luxurious (think a 24 hour butler service, breathtaking views and a private beach).

TheWelltravelledPostcard- Bali Monkeys

The Photographer

25 year old Virginia Stuart-Taylor is a language graduate who has visited 41 countries. She lists Rome, Barcelona, Hong Kong and London amongst her favourite cities, although she was fascinated by Bali and enjoyed exploring the culture there. You can learn more about what she discovered about the Galungan celebrations in the original blog post.

To follow Virginia on her travels, you can track her down on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. If you’ve fallen in love with this image as much as we have, it could be time to escape to Indonesia. Book a trip to Bali with Best at Travel and dive into beautiful scenery, luxury accommodation and a whole new culture.

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