Image of the week: Thailand…a world of discovery

There are lots of tourist hotspots in Thailand where it’s great to kick back, enjoy some awesome nightlife or take in some spectacular surroundings. However, it’s always good to explore away from the most famous places, and there are plenty of secrets to discover in this intriguing part of the world.

Book a luxurious stay in the countryside of Chiang Mai, or base your holiday accommodation in buzzing Bangkok – either of these locations will place you close to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Sukhothai Historical Park. As displayed in this striking photograph, you can expect to wander around these ruins almost undisturbed. There are five different areas (central, north, east, south and west) to stroll around, each with a different entry fee. Be sure to leave yourself enough time to climb into all the nooks and crannies that these peaceful ruins have to offer.

Digital Nomad Thailand photo

The Photographer

Lauren Juliff classes herself as a ‘digital nomad’ – what a title! Originally from London, she’s been travelling for over three years after working hard alongside her studies and saving all her spare cash. She lives her dream by making a living online while she travels.

Never Ending Footsteps documents her journey, and so far she’s been to 50 countries and lived in six. You can follow her and her dreamy photography around the world on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Lauren states in the original blog post that she headed to this spot in Thailand as she likes to visit somewhere new each time she travels, and she happened to discover when studying the map that it was mid-way between Bangkok and Chiang Mai. She reveals that you can use a scooter or a bike to get around the grounds of the ancient city, so if you’re pushed for time, that might be your best option.

If you’ve got a hunger for discovery, this could be the perfect place for you to spend some of your holiday in Thailand. Can you match Lauren’s stunning photography?

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