Image of the week: Central Park, New York

Start spreading the news – one of the most ideal cities in the world for that unmistakable hit of colourful autumnal joy is… New York! Central Park is a feast for the eyes at this time of year. Nestled in the borough of Manhattan, it’s the perfect spot for anyone who wants to get away from the hustling concrete jungle to catch their breath. The park is so picturesque that it is one of the most filmed locations in the world, so, it naturally makes for some stunning photographs too.

In this image, we see a striking glimpse of a sunlit New York skyline bordered by the green, red and orange hues of Central Park. It’s the perfect juxtaposition of urban against nature, and a humbling reminder to us all of the beauty that the great outdoors has to offer – even in the busiest of cities.

Image of the Week: Central Park, New York

The Photographer

Elle-Rose Williams is the editor, photographer and writer behind The World and Then Some. She explains in the original post how much she loves New York, and treats us to even more beautiful shots of Central Park during the ‘fall’.

Originally from London and working as a social media manager; Elle posts photos, stories and reviews about some of her favourite places as she globetrots with her boyfriend Paddy. To see her latest updates and browse through her seriously awesome travel photography, follow her on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

If you’d like a taste of the big apple for yourself, book a trip to New York with Best at Travel – it’s a fantastic city to visit at any time of year, and if you can make it there, you’ll make it anywhere…

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