Grenada Chocolate Fest: From Bean To Bar

Grenada_ChocolateThe 2015 Grenada Chocolate Festival is set to begin! From 8-17 May the island’s highly coveted, quality and organic cocoa will be celebrated.

Inspired by Mott Green, an American entrepreneur and chocolatier who worked with many small cocoa farmers in Grenada to generate the production of cocoa from the island, the festival creates a platform for cocoa farmers, chocolate producers, vendors and local businesses to showcase their rich, dark chocolate bars.

In a 2012 interview Mott Green shared:
“love Grenada, love cocoa, love machines and tinkering, making chocolate, and doing it all without hurting the land.”

GrenadaChocolateFestival_ChocolateIceCreamActivities are hosted daily throughout the festival and include workshops on the health benefits of chocolate, visits to the Grenada Chocolate Factory, opportunities to be a chocolate farmer for a day and to prepare your own chocolate inspired lunch under the tuition of experts.
The full schedule and price list of activities can be downloaded here.

Guests can stay at True Blue Bay, which is a venue for many of the festivities. Stay for 7 nights on a bed and breakfast basis from £1045 per person, including flights from London with Virgin Atlantic. 

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