Google Reveals Most Searched Destinations in 2014

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Google has released its highly anticipated top search lists for 2014. There are of course many different categories, such as what the top search cake recipes are (number 1 is chocolate FY), or the most searched celebrity males (Pharrell Williams comes out on top). However, what we are really interested in is what were the most searched holiday destinations this year.

The full list is below, and it seems that there is a mix of long and short haul within this definitive list. It’s quite understandable why some of these destinations are the most searched. The cosmopolitan city of Paris, the bright lights of New York, the vast expanse of Australia, the timeless charm of Spain and larger than life Dubai to name but a few.

1. Paris
2. New York
3. Australia
4. Spain
5. Cornwall
6. Italy
7. Turkey
8. Dubai
9. Amsterdam
10. Tenerife

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