Expert Insight: Futuristic Dubai

Downtown DubaiOur experts have travelled all over the world to bring you the most honest accounts and knowledge of a destination. Anna Faulder, Marketing & PR Manager, travelled to Dubai and shares her experiences below:

Before you travel to Dubai you hear statements such as: ‘larger than life ’,‘ cosmopolitan metropolis, ‘luxurious and plush’. As soon as you touch down you realise all of these are absolutely true.

The monorail snakes through the city like something out of a science fiction movie. The sky scrapers tower above you, impossible to get a view of their peaks. This futuristic land has been shaped and built over the past 20 years to become a truly modern city.

The tallest building in the world, The Burj Khalifa, looms high over the city; three times as tall as the Eiffel Tower, but only 60 seconds to the 124th floor by elevator. The only indication that you’re soaring through the building is a faint ear popping as you ascend. The viewing platform is outside with a large glass casing all around, but a small slit allows you to take pictures without the reflection of the glass. Here you can view the true scale of the city and the sprawling desert beyond.

iStock_000009124326SmallAround 45 minutes from the city you reach uninterrupted desert. Suddenly Dubai doesn’t seem as big. Here you can experience ‘dune bashing’, a 4×4 desert adventure. The driver takes you up and down the dunes, whizzing through the sand for a true adrenaline rush until you arrive at the desert gate; an oasis in the heart of the arid desert. Plentiful food, refreshments and entertainment awaits. Take a board and go sand boarding in the dunes back in time for the first cultural show, as you sit on bean bags with low rise tables Arabian style and enjoy local foods including kebabs, wraps, falafel and plenty more.

marine_and_waterpark_aquaventure_waterpark_24_09_2014_8965Travelling ‘up the trunk’ of The Palm, Atlantis looms in the distance. A huge resort built in orange sandstone with turrets in true Arabian style. Here you can find one of the finest water parks in Dubai, Aquaventure, where the lazy river stretches 5 miles long. Grab a rubber ring and float away, or for the more adventurous hop on an exhilarating flume.

Dubai has built its reputation by offering the most opulent and luxurious hotels in the land. The resorts are designed with style and extravagance in mind and all of the hotels make their own statement. One thing you can be sure of; the dining and entertainment options will be bountiful and the service will be impeccable.

So what’s next for Dubai? The world’s first underwater hotel is currently under construction and the biggest natural flower garden is now open for business. But news has it that a 1082 acre site will be created to form a new district of Dubai with three distinct areas symbolising opportunity, sustainability and mobility. Watch this space!

Interesting fact: Did you know that Dubai had to import their sand to build its infrastructure because even though it is surrounded by endless miles of desert, it wasn’t actually the right kind of sand to be built on (something to do with the high salt content apparently!).

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