Masaai Style: Discovering Kenya’s Wildlife

Kenya safari

Sitting very quietly in the landrover, the lionesses primed their cubs on how to hunt; the target was a couple of young warthogs that were lazily grazing nearby. Almost with military precision, the cubs rose, crouched and then darted off in search of their prey. Unfortunately for them, due to their over-exuberance and lack of stealth, the warthogs had advance warning and hurtled off in different directions, tails straight up in the air. As the chase unfolded, a couple of extremely large buffalo were disturbed (never a good thing) but they did spare the warthogs from being chased, as they charged the lion pride. Seeing what you would normally consider to be the king of the plains turn and flee was quite something. Still annoyed, the buffalo spotted us and we had to make a very hasty retreat in reverse to avoid incurring their wrath.

The Masaai Mara is full of varied game viewing, and you will see plenty on your Kenyan safari. Everyone focuses on the Wildebeest Migration when thousands cross the perilous Mara River, but for the rest of the year there is still plenty to see.

Here are a few things to look forward to:

Waterholes are a delight, seeing the pecking order in the wild is quite something, as the animals vie for their time to drink. From elephants wallowing in the mud, to giraffes suddenly becoming completely ungainly as they realign to reach the water, it is easy to while away the time watching nature at its best.

Seeing dung beetles manoeuvre their dung balls across the uneven ground, a baboon kill and rip apart a young springbok, a leopard sleeping up high in a tree, a cheetah crouched ready to sprint into action and being in the midst of the migration moving across the plains, the Masaai Mara never disappoints.

And you can top all of that off with a Hot Air Ballooning ride, gently gliding over the plains, seeing the animals beneath you and a gorgeous African sunrise. And at the end, a champagne breakfast in the bush – memorable, special and once in a lifetime!

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