Concierge, infinity pools and new discoveries: luxury travel for the solo male

Travelling solo can be an adventure like no other. The way in which you view certain attractions and locations can differ if you’re going it alone, and you may find that your needs as a traveller change.

Going on holiday alone gives you total free reign over where you go and what you do. Yes, freedom! You can change your mind at a minute’s notice, spend hours lazing around without needing to commit to other plans, spontaneously explore off the beaten track or head out on day trips without worrying whether or not your itinerary will suit the others in your party. Whether unwinding at a spa village in Bali or staying at a world-famous hotel in Dubai, when you travel alone you make your own rules.

So, how exactly do solo holiday-goers view luxury travel? And do men’s views differ from women’s? We put the following question to a group of both male and female travel bloggers: What does luxury mean to you? Here’s what the men had to say…

Simple, exclusive travel

Dave Brett of Travel Dave pointed out the importance of simplifying logistics when travelling solo. By eliminating complications in day to day activities, one can, in essence, create their own kind of luxury travel. He explained, “Cutting out the hassle and making things simple is truly a luxury; using concierge services, express airport check in features, club lounges and app services such as Uber and Tripit allows solo travel to become more simple, allowing you to focus on what’s truly important.”

Then, there’s the exclusivity factor. Travelling on your own means you often discover new and exciting places, and then have them all to yourself. An example of an experience like this from Dave was taking in a beautiful sunsetfrom an infinity pool in Kuala Lumpur.  “These unique moments allow us to find ourselves, give us a space to unwind and take in what solo travel has to offer.”Travel-Dave

The importance of awesome accommodation

A lot of people base their opinion of luxury on accommodation and the service provided within it. Ross Fraser of The Luxury Editor explained that hotels are what spring to mind in his definition. “The best luxury hotels impart that feeling of ‘effortlessness’ through service and design. I want to glide through the check-in process, access unrestricted Wi-fi without having to jump through too many hoops, and navigate to the spa with minimum effort.”

On the other hand, Neil Barnes of travel blog, Backpacks and Bunkbeds explained that the notion that luxury “extends past where we rest our heads for the night. It can cover transportation options, activities, facilities, food, drink and being waited on rather than doing things for one’s self, if not more.” Of course, there’s also the idea that the perception of luxury changes over the course of time. “Luxury to me comes in levels, the levels I can afford and those I can probably only dream of.” says Neil.

Neil did however recall an enchanting trip to Cambodia, where he experienced a four poster bed for the first time in his life…

…Now that’s luxury.Backpacks-bunkebeds

5 luxury features for the solo male traveller

From all the expert opinions gathered, here are 5 essentials we picked up on:

  • Flying in style: a quality airline or seat upgrade can make all the difference.
  • Great coffee on tap: Nespresso machines in rooms? Yes please.
  • Transportation: Taxis are much more suave than tuk tuks and local buses.
  • Concierge services: Because nothing says luxury like having your bags carried for you.
  • Fine dining: Restaurants beat shared kitchens any day.

Solo males who travel: the conclusion

From certain luxury accommodation expectations to the appreciation of taking in amazing locations and views in tranquil solitude, it seems as though the travelling men of the world have a broad spectrum of views on this topic. Yet, with mentions of four poster beds, infinity pools and being waited on hand and foot, it seems as though our lone male travellers certainly have an appreciation for the classically finer things in life.

We wonder, will the women feel the same?

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